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Our Story

Otu Umu Nwanyi Igbo (O.U.N.I.B) is a women’s organisation based in Brussels, Belgium. The group was officially registered in Brussels in 2005. The founding members were Mrs. Sophie Ubah, Mrs. Maureen Duru-Onweni, Mrs. Aluba Kalu-Otis, Mrs. Marilyn Nwabiani-Ani, Mrs. Ngozi Vivian Ibekwe, Mrs. Carmelita Megwa Uhe, Mrs. Nwaka Ubah, Mrs. Promise Okonkwo, Mrs. Amaka Omego, Mrs. Elizabeth Nwankwo, Mrs. Joy Alexander and the late Mrs. Edna.

The Leadership of the organisation has changed over the years, in accordance with its constitution.

The founding president was Mrs. Maureen Duru-Onweni, then Mrs. Marilyn Nwabiani-Ani and Mrs. Ngozi V. Ibekwe. The current president is Mrs. Aluba Kalu-Otis. Other members of the present executive are Mrs. Chinonye Ezeagwula (Secretary), Mrs. Carmelita Megwa Uhe (Treasurer), Mrs. Nkechi Achokwu Onyemkpa (financial secretary), Mrs. Christina Egwu (provost), Mrs Stella Akalonu (PRO). Mrs. Sophie Ubah is the Matron.

The goals of the O.U.N.I.B are twofold:

  • To promote Igbo values and culture in the diaspora and secondly,

  • To liase with other organisations and agencies in seeking solutions to problems that impact negatively on women, children and families.

In line with these targets, we have been involved in actions against domestic violence, human trafficking and racial discrimination. We also actively participate in educational projects focusing on migrants’ children in Belgium.
To help us consolidate our position and also reach a wider network, we enter into mutually beneficial working relationship with likeminded organisations and agencies. We are active members of the Association of Nigerians in Belgium (ANB) and the Federation of Anglophone Africans in Belgium (FAAB). We are member of the board of FAAB.
OUNIB is affiliated to the the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC).

Over the years we have organised and participated in different projects, in line with our goals:

  • our inauguration event at the Comos hall Eloystraat in Anderlecht (Belgium),

  • Variety Night in 2008,

  • joined MaFED Netherlands for the International dialogue on Domestic Violence in Amsterdam,

  • Conference on Domestic Violence, in collaboration with Oxfam,

  • a Workshop on domestic violence and the role of migrant organisations,

  • Anderlecht, The photo exhibition

  • Hidden Sorrows,

  • Seminar, “Healthy eating: easier than you think’,

  • educative seminars and workshops on First aid, Highblood pressure & diabetes,

  • the Igbo language school of Brussels Ulo Akwukwo Igbo Brussels.

  • Leisure Activities

The OUNIB believes it is important for its members to spend leisure times together as this builds unity and is also a way of being active members of the Belgian society. We organise events for women, couples, children and families. Some of these include Ladies night out, Couples Dinner, children’s activities and family holidays. We have been able to spend time in different parts of Belgium and Europe, such as:

Kasteel Van Gasbeek, Animal park in Huy, Provincie domein Huizingen,Plankendael,De Panne, Plopsaland, Sealife Park in Blankenberge, Disneyland Paris, Planckebdael and Antwerp zoo, Vayamundo Ardennes, Knokke...

We meet every 2nd Sunday.

We look forward to you joining us soon in our meeting or one of our events.

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